Friday, November 25, 2011

Review of Christmas Belles of Georgia

Title: Christmas Belles of Georgia
Authors: Jeanie Smith Cash, Rose Allen McCauley, Jeri Odell, Debra Ullrick
Series:   Romancing America
Pages: 350
Genre: Christmas, Christian romance
Rating:  5 stars
            There are four stories in one. Christmas Belles of Georgia is the story of four quadruplets who were born on Christmas and later adopted by four different families. While the overall story is how the girls cope with learning that they are adopted and have sisters; each sister gets her story and a chance to find love.

Title: Christmas in Dixie
Author: Jeannie Cash Smith
Chapters: 8
     Holly is living in Missouri about to start a career as an author when she learns that she is adopted. She goes to Georgia to meet the lawyer and ends up in the Hospital, where she meets Grayson, the doctor who treats her while she’s in the hospital. Will Holly come to terms with her adoption and find love?

Title: Nick’s Christmas Carol
Author: Rose Allen McCauley
Chapters: 15
            Carol is a history major at an Alanta college when she discovers that she has three sisters. She heads to the small town where she was born to find anwers. Instead she finds Nick a guy from her past. Who at the time she treated badly. Will she and Nick get a second chance for love?
Title: Starry Night
Author: Jeri O’Dell
Chapters: 8
            Starr is the hardest of the quad’s to get to come to Georgia she doesn’t respond to the letters that she is sent. So Camden agrees to fly to California to convince the free spirit to come to Georgia for her birthday and Christmas. Will Starr see that love is right in front of her. Will the free spirit choice the southern Gentleman.

Title: Loving Stetson
Author: Debra Ullrick
Chapters: 10
     Noelle is a cowgirl through and through and cannot image living any where other that her family’s ranch. Noelle has loved Stetson for as long as she can remember but he keeps pushing her away. When the letter comes that she is adopted she already knew that, but when she learns that she has siblings she begins to wonder why anyone would put their children up for adoption. Stetson admits his feelings for her, but when she learns about a secret from his past she pushes him away because she doesn’t know how to handle it. Will Noelle sort out her feelings? Do her and Stetson have a chance?

     I enjoy all four short stories but my favorite was Loving Stetson because I have a thing for cowboys. Growing up I always wanted to be a cowgirl. So cowboy and cowgirl stories have a special place in my heart.

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