Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review of The Inheritance

Title: The Inheritance
Author: Tamera Alexander
Series:   woman of faith fiction
Chapters: 45 plus epilogue
Pages: 375
Genre: Christian Historical fiction
Rating: 5 stars

     McKenna Ashford heads west to join her cousin’s family in order to give her younger brother Robert a chance at a better life. A chance to turn his life around.  Arriving in Copper Creek McKenna finds out that her cousin’s husband is dead and her cousin on her death bed. Her cousin makes McKenna to raise her daughter like her own.

     McKenna already has her hands full with her brother and trying to do a man’s job. She has a gift of designing and making saddlers, she makes a deal with one of the Town’s livery owners to make the saddles in secret; so no one knows that she is the one making the saddles.

   U.S. Marshal Wyatt Caradon means bad news to McKenna; she tries to keep her distance to protect her brother. She’s trying to fight her feelings for him. On the other hand Wyatt is trying to fight his feelings for McKenna. It’s only after he learns the saddle that he brought was designed by McKenna that he sees her in a new light. McKenna and Wyatt must work together to protect an innocence child and save a ranch. Will they both finally realize their feelings? Will they have a chance at love? 

Just like with other books my Tamera Alexander I was drawn in to the story from the beginning. Like her other westerns McKenna is a strong heroine who even though she's had to be tough knows when it's time to lean on others and God. 

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