Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review of the Favored queen

Title: The Favored Queen: A novel of Henry VIII’s third wife
Author: Carolly Erickson
Series: no though Carolly Erickson has other fiction novels about famous woman and queens
Chapters: 29
Pages: 295
Genre: historical fiction
Rating:  4 ½ stars
     It’s hard to give the favored Queen more than four and ½ stars because I was a little disappointed that it didn’t getting in too much about Jane’s marriage to Henry.  I know that they were only married a short time, but it seemed to focus on everything leading up to Jane’s and Henry’s marriage and the birth of Edward. Even though with the let down it was still a good book; if you know the story of Henry VIII then you pretty much know how the story ends.  
     The favored queen is told from Jane’s point of view, so you get a little bit of everything making it an interesting read, because Jane is always over looked in the Novel and in history. Even though I was disappointed about the story focuses so little on Jane and Henry I did enjoy the novel.
     The Favored Queen is the second book by Carolly Erickson about one of Henry’s queens. The first book is about Catherine Parr Henry’s last queen but I haven’t read that one. The only other by her that I have read and enjoyed was the Tsarist’s Daughter. If you like historical fiction and the Tudors then you will like The Favored Queen, it is a pretty clean read I don’t remember too many curse words. There is however some stuff that is implied but the novel doesn’t really talk about it too much.   

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