Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review of Phoebe's Groom

Title: Phoebe’s Groom
Author: Deb Kastner
Series: Love inspired, A cowboy for every mood, Email ordered brides.
Chapters: 16 plus epilogue
Pages: 216
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating:  5 stars
     Like all love inspired books it is a quick little read. It is the first book in Deb Kastner’s new series email ordered brides. It seems to be a play on the historical novels and the historical events of mail order brides. Phoebe’s Groom is about Chance Hawkins and Phoebe Yates.
     Phoebe comes to a small Texas town to escape from her busy life as a pastry chief. The job at the family owned café is supposed to only last six weeks. Chance Hawkins is the cowboy cook at the café that cannot let go of the past and something that he feels responsible for.  
     Chance’s Aunt Jo and Lucy his teenage daughter are plotting together to get Phoebe and Chance together. Phoebe realizes that God sent her to the town for a reason she just doesn’t know what it is yet.
     Phoebe’s Groom is a quick but enjoyable read just like the other Love inspired books. I am already looking forward to the next book in the series.

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