Monday, November 5, 2012

Review of The Rancher's Secret Wife

Title: The Rancher’s Secret Wife

Author: Brenda Minton

Series: Love Inspired Cooper Creek
Chapters: 14 plus epilogue

Pages: 215

Genre: Christian Romance

Rating: 5 stars

     Reese Cooper married Cheyenne Jones before he left for Iraq in order to give her and her unborn baby a better life. While he was gone she would have his health insurance, if he didn’t come back then she would have his life insurance. However no one saw him coming back injured and blind.
     Cheyenne Jones Cooper shows up in Dawson Oklahoma to make sure that Reese was ok and to find a place to raise her child. Cheyenne is tire of feeling like no one can love her, and a throw away. Reese on the other hand doesn't feel like he can take care of a wife let alone a child being blind.
     The Rancher’s Secret Bride is a novel about learning to trust God’s plan and His timing. That His ways are not our ways. Which is something that both Reese and Cheyenne have to learn.
     The Rancher’s Secret Bride is the fourth book in the Cooper Creek series by Brenda Minton and one of my favorites. The Cooper’s are a large family in which love is thicker than blood. Even though it is a series each book is a standalone that can be read separately and out of order without giving away too much.
     Reese is a hero who served his country was and injured but still made it home. But like Brenda said at the end of the novel it is the man and women of the Armed forces that are the real heroes and we need to take the time to thank them.

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