Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review of The Trouble with Cowboys

Title: The Trouble with Cowboys
Author: Denise Hunter
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
October 2nd 2012
     The Trouble with Cowboys is the third book in the Big Sky Romance series by Denise Hunter. Even though I read it first it didn’t really ruin the first two books for me. Dylan Taylor is a cowboy who is seen as a bad boy even though he’s really not. However he does nothing to change people’s minds. The way that he acts actually makes it worse.
     Annie Wilkerson is trying to make ends meet by working two jobs. In the process trying to get her sister through school. She doesn’t have time for romance especially with a bad boy cowboy.  However Annie ends up working with Dylan’s horse and things start to change.
     I enjoyed reading The Trouble with Cowboys. Dylan quickly grew on me. It was easy to see his softer side. The Trouble with Cowboys is the first book I’ve read by Denise Hunter but it will not be the last. I’ve always enjoyed reading books about cowboys they happen to be my favorite type of hero. I also cannot wait to read the other two books in The Big Sky romance series. 

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