Monday, September 14, 2015

Review of Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

Dreaming Under the Same Moon : More Cover CandyTitle: Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

Author: Anne Blankman

Series: Prisoner of Night and Fog book 2

Chapters: 39 plus eliogue and author's note

Pages: 406

Genre: Teen historical fiction

Rating: 4 stars

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke picks up where Prisoner of Night and Fog leaves off.  Gretchen and Daniel both thought they had escaped the nightmare that was Hitler and Germany. But they end up getting drawn back into the fray.  

To me Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke was more fast paced than the first book.  There's more drama and danger.  In this novel Gretchen finally finds out who her friends are. Gretchen gets to be the hero in this one.   She also discovers that she is stronger than she was lead to believe growing up.  The ending of the book was perfect. I can't say that it's a happy ending because not many books set during the decade leading up to WWII as happy.   

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