Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review of Lois Lane: Fallout

Lois+Lane:+FalloutTitle: Lois Lane: Fallout

Author: Gwenda Bond

Series: Lois Lane book 1

Chapters: 26
Pages: 304

Genre: teen

Rating: 4 stars

Move over Superman and Clark Kent. It's Lois's turn to shine. Fallout takes place before Lois meets Clark Kent. Her father's job in the Army has kept Army Brat Lois moving around, everywhere she's lived she's managed to get into trouble. In Metropolis is going to be different.

It was nice to read about Lois as a teenager. The tag of comparing it to Veronica Mars and I was hooked, and the mention of her online friend Smallville guy it was like a trip to my teenage years. 

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  1. I *really* need to read this one asap! It looks and sounds amazing. :)