Friday, September 4, 2015

Review of KInsale Kisses AN Irish Romance

Kinsale Kisses by Elizabeth Maddrey Kinsale Kisses An Irish Romance

Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
Chapters: 20

Genre: Christian Romance

Rating: 4 stars

A Sweet little romance set in Ireland. In which two Americans meet in an Irish pub. Rachel has come to Ireland because she thinks her aunt needs help running her Bed and Breakfast, but later finds out that her aunt doesn't really need her help.  Colin is doing a bit of traveling after having sold his half of a company.  

Colin and Rachel couldn't be more different. Rachel wants to plan everything. Can Rachel convince Colin to take some things seriously?  Can Colin convince Rachel that God is the one in control? I really enjoyed this sweet little romance and the fact that it was set in Ireland made it sweeter. 

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