Monday, September 3, 2012

Girl quarterback

Title: Catching Jordan

Author: Miranda Kenneally

Series: sort of there’s another book coming out in November set at the same high school.
Chapters: not label

Pages: 281

Genre: Teen fiction, teen issues, football

Rating: 3 ½ stars (for language, and some scenes)

     I did enjoy Catching Jordan I loved the fact that she was girl who was on her football team. Not just on her football team but is the captain and the quarterback. Even though I didn’t agree with some of the choices she made I did enjoy the book. I do think that the novel could have been better without all the language. Though for others who don't have a problem with language and other teenage choices than you'll would most likley give the book a four or five. It was a good story I just couldn't give it higher because of the language. 

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