Monday, March 16, 2015

Review of Beyond All Dreams

More Cover Candy + Upcoming Book Teasers | Dreaming Under the Same MoonTitle: Beyond All Dreams

Author: Elizabeth Camden

Chapters: 22 plus epilogue

Pages: 368

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Rating: 5 stars

Beyond All Dreams is the first book by Elizabeth Camden that I have read and I loved it.  Anna O’Brien is a map librarian who works at the library of congress. It’s her dream job.  Luke Callahan is a congressman from Maine who has fallen from grace at least according to his fellow congressman. Luke just was to give back the power that he has lost. Anna just wants to find out what really happened to the navy ship that her father was on. 

I enjoyed reading about Anna the shy librarian. As a child who loved  reading and didn’t like to talk much because of my own speech problems.  Anna was a strong heroine that was  relatable too. I also enjoyed that she worked at the library of congress, because that was also my dream job as a child. I look forward to reading more of Elizabeth Camden’s books in the future. 

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