Monday, March 23, 2015

Review of Tear You Apart Tear You Apart eBook: Sarah Cross: Kindle StoreTitle: Tear You Apart

Author: Sarah Cross

Series: Beau Rivage book 2
Chapters: 48

Pages: 370

Genre: teen fairy tales retold

Rating: 4 stars

Tear You Apart is the sequel or companion novel to Kill Me Softy. You can read either book without reading the other. Tear You Apart is a Snow White retelling with a twelve dancing princess twist, and a Rumplestekin twist as well. Viv just happens to be the Snow White character, and her boyfriend is not the prince character instead Henley is the huntsman character.

I know this may sound weird but I found myself actually wanting the “villain” the huntsman to win. Which may sound odd but after reading the book and seeing who the real villains are it will not seem weird. There has only been a few cases where I have be on the side of a villain and most of those have been movies and TV shows, but I think this is only the second time that it’s happened with a book.

I’ve also had a slight Once vibe with this book because the evil queen name just happens to be Regina.

Fans of Once and Fairy tale retellings will enjoy this book.

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