Saturday, June 16, 2012

New blog background for Father's Day

Since tomorrow is Father's Day and I am trying to avoid posting on Sunday's I thought I would post my Father's Day post today. My blog of the Marine Corp symbol is in honor of the number one Marine in my life, my father. As a child my dad and I didn't have a close relationship, because of his job in the Marines and  the military, he was gone a lot. Now that I am older I realize that dad was doing what he was called to do; to help protect the freedoms that many American's take for granted. 

For me time spent with dad was about quality not quantity. Unlike military now days dad was on active duty before web cams, and before emails and internet were well known. So we kept in touch through    letters the  snail mail way.

Looking back I am thankful he is my dad. My dad, My hero, My Marine. 

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