Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Title: Summer of Promise
Author: Amanda Cabot
Series:   Westward Winds
Chapters: 24
Pages: 410
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction, with a little romance
Rating: 4 ½ stars
     Summer of Promise is the first book in the westward winds series. The new series by Amanda Cabot, Summer of Promise is the first book by her that I have read. Abigail Harding  travels to Fort Laramie, Wyoming because she is worried about her married sister Charlotte. She thinks that it will be a quick summer trip and at its end she will return to Vermont and marry. On the journey her stagecoach is attacked but meets Lieutenant Ethan Bowles in the process. While there Abigail hopes to make a difference but instead begins to wonder where her place really is. 
     While I enjoyed reading the book which really well written it really wasn’t my type of book. With me I prefer more western in my western romance books than romance.  If western romance is your type of reading then this is a great book. While it wasn’t what I normally read I still enjoyed the book. And will read the next two books in the series.  The book does have action in it, I just wish it had more but it was still good.
     I did love the underlying theme in the book; learning who you are. But more importantly learning to trust God and listen to Him about where He wants you to be. God’s plans are always better than ours. 

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  1. Just bought this one - hoping to read it ASAP. :-)