Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review of Kisses from Katie

Title: Kisses from Katie

Author: Katie J. Davis and Beth Clark

Series:   no

Chapters: 20

Pages: 288

Genre: Nonfiction biography Memoir
Rating: 5 stars

     Katie Davis much to the dismay of her family fore goes college and moves to Africa to follow God’s call on her life. She was only supposed to go on a short term mission trip but ends up staying in Africa, and adopting fourteen girls. In the book Katie admits that sometimes the only thing that keeps her going is knowing that God will get her through.
     I can’t help but wonder after reading this book how much better things would be if Christians myself included would be willing to listen to what God was telling us and go where He tells us to go. For a twenty something year girl she has an awesome faith and is on fire for God.
     Kisses From Katie was an awesome book I highly recomned to everyone. There were quite a few places in the book were I was in tears. But on the other hand there were times when I was laughing as well. I enjoyed learning about Katie’s ministry as well.  

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