Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of Love? Maybe

Title: Love? Maybe

Author: Heather Helper

Series: no
Chapters: 21

Pages: 267

Genre: Teen chick lit

Rating: 4 stars
     Piper is a teenage girl who even though she was born on Valentine’s Day she still is critical of love. After seeing her mother gets divorced twice Piper doesn’t believe in love or happy ever after. Her friends try to convince her to give dating a try. Claire and Jillian don’t understand her someone so young could be so against love. Her best guy friend Charlie and next door neighbor has always been there for her, doesn’t understand why Piper in Ben the most popular guy in school.
     Love? Maybe was a cute main stream teen fiction I don’t remember any cuss words in it. Piper is a teenage girl who grows and learns a lot through the novel. To me the cover was cute and I’ve always been partial to stories that include the boy next door. 

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