Monday, June 4, 2012

Review of Bewitching

Title: Bewitching
Author: Alex Flinn
Series:   sort of
Pages: 342
Genre: Fairy tales retold
Rating: 4 ½ stars
     Bewitching is sort of a sequel to Beastly in a way it is sort of Kendra’s story. It is also a retelling of Cinderella with a twist. Kendra befriends Emma who is sort of the Cinderella in the story. While Emma is suppose to be Cinderella she’s not the most beautiful girl in her school, but she is the only one who befriends Kendra. Lisette is the evil step-sister and the only thing that fits with the Cinderella story is that she is the evil step sister.
     I liked the retold fairy tale, even if Cinderella wasn’t really my favorite as a child. I loved that Alex gave more of Kendra’s story. You find out what happened to her to make her the way that she is, and why she made the choices she made. After reading Bewitching it seems to me like it’s just the first in a series of books about Kendra. Kendra is the witch from Beastly; which is also a movie all and all I enjoyed the book. However it wasn’t my favorite by Alex Flinn, Beastly is still my favorite by her. 

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  1. Really enjoyed this novel - it gave me a whole new "take" on Kendra as a character. She really is far more "human" than the movie would have us believe.