Monday, June 11, 2012

Review of Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Title: Getting Over Garrett Delaney
Author: Abby McDonald
Series:   no
Chapters: 28
Pages: 319
Genre: teen chick lit
Rating: 3 ½ stars
If it was a movie it would be: pg-13
     A kind of cute mainstream teen chick lit. It also dealt with teen issues. I could have done without all of the curse words. But those aside it was still pretty cute. The story line was pretty simple. It’s mainly about Sadie learning to get over her best friend who happens to be a guy; Garrett.
     She takes a summer job at a coffee shop and meets a whole different group of people. Who decide to help her find out who she really is without Garrett?
     I mean who doesn’t love a story about a teenage girl who learns who she is. A story of the simplicity of high school summers. Getting over Garrett Delaney was the second book that I read by Abby McDonald and I liked it more than I did the first book that I read. 

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